Where is there surfing near an all inclusive resort with a calm beach?
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Where in the Caribbean or Mexico can I take surf lessons, while staying at a nearby all inclusive resort that has a good beach for swimming?

My friend and I want to go on an all-inclusive beach vacation at christmas time, but as a new surfer (i just spent a week at a surf camp in nicaragua) I really want to get in some surf practice too! So, where is there surf, and then not far away, a nice calm beach with a resort on it? If such a place exists, are there any surf camps/shops that will pick people up from their hotel and take them to the surf beach?
thanks in advance, askme! (This has been surprisingly hard to google!)
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The Caribbean sucks for surfing, what you want is Baja California.

Now that isolates it, and you can turn your attention to the resorts that are there. A TON of them in Cabo San Lucas.

I've heard nothing but nice things about Ixtapa.
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The first time I ever surfed was in Puerto Escondido. The beaches and the waves were fantastic. We stayed in a fairly nice hostel with private rooms for a good price though, google tells me this is the closest you'll find to an all-inclusive resort.
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Sayulita, near Puerto Vallarta. Generally tourist friendly with decent surf able waves. Most of the Caribbean is pretty much flat most of the year. The places that aren't tend to face out to the Atlantic, not into the Gulf of Mexico. It's not really a surfing destination in general unless you're being adventurous, which is generally not what a beginner is looking for.
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Response by poster: Hmmm. Okay, so surfing in the caribbean is out. What about other destinations that are as easily/economically accessible from Toronto, Canada?
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What's your budget. Christmas time in surfing locations is high season and likely to be expensive. Baja California/Mexico IS your best bet, Can you get to LA from Toronto first, then a separate flight to Baja?
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I stayed in Puerto Vallarta last year and took a 75 minute bus ride to Sayulita to surf. They have board rentals on the beach. I ran into an English speaking local who gave me a surf lesson on the cheap. There are some nice places to stay in in Sayulita itself, too, and its beach is pleasant even if it isn't resort quality.

I assume Hawaii is out due to budget constraints? Speaking from personal experience, Waikiki would meet your requirements--you could stay at a resort in town and walk a few blocks out to the beach to take a lesson. The instructors are pretty good and the waves are generally mellow.
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Response by poster: @Ruthless Bunny, budget is about $2000 per person, all in.
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Response by poster: @rhythm and booze - yup, our assumption is that Hawaii is too expensive, but if we're wrong we're happy to consider it!
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There are hostels in Waikiki within walking distance to the beach.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify: we definitely want to stay at an all-inclusive resort.
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Best answer: We got an all inclusive deal for Hotel Tamarindo Diria in Costa Rica a few years ago from a deal site. I wasn't planning on surfing, but the waves were excellent and I learned how to surf while I was there. It's somewhat remote but it's literally right on the beach. I want to go back!
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