Cheap dinner with wine/beer in Midtown West, NYC?
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I'm going to be in NYC Fri-Sun and have arranged to have dinner tomorrow evening with an old friend before heading up to the Bronx (Fieldston, near the Horace Mann School) where I'll be spending the night (so I need to be in a useful place to catch the 1 train or an express bus). I had been thinking of Luigi's, which was my standby thirty years ago (great cheap Italian food!) and which I was delighted to see was still in business, but they don't serve booze. Any suggestions for a good place in the Columbus Circle area? Must be reasonably cheap: my friend is broke and I'm not exactly flush.

Also, I've heard the 1 line isn't running all the way to 242nd Street, or won't be running all the way tomorrow night. Does anybody know if this is true? And if it is, does anybody know which express bus I should use to get up to Fieldston?
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According to the MTA's Weekender, the 1 train should be running to 242nd St. this weekend.
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Checking around my usual sources (MTA site and Twitter), no planned work on the uptown 1 train this weekend (thank goodness, that is my weekend ride, too), but there is a service advisory right now for the 242nd St Station:

NYCT Subway Service ‏@NYCTSubwayScoop 29m
#ServAdv: b/d, #1 trains are running with delays due to track maintenance at 242 St. Allow additional travel time.

NYCT Subway Service ‏@NYCTSubwayScoop 1h
#ServAdv: b/d, #1 trains are running with delays due to signal problems at 242 St. Allow additional travel time.
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Weird that the Weekender isn't showing that the uptown 1 train is skipping stations 225 St, 231 St and 238 St! Though I guess maybe up to 3pm on Friday isn't yet considered the weekend, so I'm sure it won't affect your plans.

As for dinner in that area, there are tons of places on 9th ave between 50th and Columbus Cirlce (59th). Lots of good Thai, and some great ramen. If you're more into Cuban, then Guantanamera(on 8th Ave) is pretty delicious, too.
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Best answer: Kashkaval! It's my go-to Columbus Circle place.
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And the cheapest drinks in Manhattan are at Jimmy's Corner.
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Or if you're REALLY broke, you can go to Rudy's. Hotdogs are free with beer. And they're good. And the crowd is awesome. And pitchers are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP.
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Response by poster: I'm relieved to hear the 1 is going all the way (I don't really like buses), and the restaurant suggestions are great—I knew I could count on you guys!

> Or if you're REALLY broke, you can go to Rudy's.

Not quite that broke, and it looks a little raucous for our conversational needs, but I'll bear it in mind for future occasions. I have nothing against cheap beer & dogs!
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Best answer: Kashkaval is so good, I didn't want to mention it in this thread because I don't want ANYONE ELSE to know about it. Go go go.
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Response by poster: Kashkaval is indeed so good, and I've marked as best the two answers that recommended it. God damn, it's good. We had a fabulous dinner, starting with muhambara, continuing with a mixed platter of meats (soujouk and chorizo) and cheeses (cheddar and bleu d'Affinois), and ending with a lahmajun that was the best either of us had ever had. Here's the menu, if anyone's curious. I'll be going back. (Minor downsides: too little space between tables, so you pretty much can't help jostling other diners, and they substituted the cheddar for another cheese they were out of without warning us—but the cheddar was so good we didn't care.)

And yesterday I had lunch by myself at Sapporo, which I'm very glad is still there and thriving. Irasshaimase!
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