Is Uplifting Drone a Genre?
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Is "uplifting drone" a genre? Because that's what I need: many more tracks that sound like Blanck Mass at its most altering. Layers and layers of sound; a structure that builds and builds; an intense, relentless, and repetitive melodic payoff that goes on for longer than you'd think was feasible. So basically, Fuck Buttons, but a little less percussive. Or something along the lines of this. My profile should indicate what is—and is not—currently on my musical radar. Thanks!
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Best answer: It's all-guitar and perhaps a little darker than your examples, but on reading your description what leapt immediately to my mind was the album Earth 2 by Earth.
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Try Tim Hecker. I'm thinking especially of Harmony in Ultraviolet and An Imaginary Country, but definitely branch out from there if you like what you hear.
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Jim O'Rourke released an acoustic piece years and years ago that is similar-ish. its a fairly brief, major key melody on an acoustic that is repeated enough and short enough to seem drone-ish, and all sorts of instruments are layered on top of it as it goes on for roughly an hour. not quite what you're looking for, but arguably in the ballpark.
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From taking a quick listen at the music posted here and skimming your profile, you might like The Inventors of Aircraft and North Atlantic Drift
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Best answer: How much guitar are you willing to accept, and what's your threshold for "uplifting"? By way of calibration, here's Pyramids and Nadja - Nadja do a lot of stuff that sounds like this, but it can get quite noisy. If you're willing to listen to "songs", Justin Broadrick's Jesu might fit the bill.
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Black Walls, maybe -
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Ever listen to The Disintegration Loops? This is the definition of repetitive, and I find it sounds haunting and uplifting simultaneously..
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Maybe Godspeed You Black Emperor? Try yanqui u.x.o.
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The Orb circa "Orbus Terrarum" is a little droney, like Plateau.

This reminds me also of Edgar Froese and by extension maybe some Tangerine Dream?
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More acoustic than techno, but Low has always had its droney aspects.

Like a Forest
In Metal
Two Step
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You may like Harvestman (Steve von Till of Neurosis in his drone persona).
I find it very uplifting, if a bit down tempo and less electronic than your examples.
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Best answer: Jesu?
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Hmm, I was just listening to Good Night & Good Morning? Maybe they're up your alley?
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Here is an article you might enjoy.

I have a lot of this stuff on the old hard drive at home but am having a lot of difficulty immediately remembering any names. Emeralds springs to mind as a possibility, as do Cocteau Twins and perhaps even Boards of Canada. Brian Eno and Aphex Twin have a few tracks that fit your requirements, as does Coil and Stars of the Lid. Jesu is a good recommendation. Explosions in the Sky is exactly what you want, but with guitars.
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Best answer: Look up Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, particularly his album "Love is a Stream", and the band Belong, their album "October Language".
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Hammock. Especially their most recent album.
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Have you listened to Mogwai?

Or perhaps Explosions in the Sky?

What about The Asteroid #4?

Also, check out Mahogany (I can't find a link right now)!
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