What is this thing?
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My sister found this at a friend's house; she wants to know what it is. If I had to guess, I'd say it's part of a breast pump (with a little milking stool inside), but that seems ridiculous. Anyone else?
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Apart from the obvious suggestion that she ASK HER FRIEND, all I can say is that it does not correspond to the user-serviceable parts of any Medela breast pump I've ever seen.
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Her friend has no idea. So it's going down the line. Friend asked my sister, my sister asked me, I asked you people.
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It looks like a contact lens case for hydrogen peroxide cleaning.
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Oh, yeah, my mom used to have those! Here's a picture of an assembled one. The peroxide can hurt your eyes, so there's some special process for soaking and then rinsing the contact lenses.
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I think it is part of a nebulizer device to assist breathing
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I don't quite see how it would be a contact lens doohickey; what would the little milking stools be doing in one of those? Also note the little gradations on the side; what units are they measuring?
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I don't think a nebulizer would have those gradations, either. These are designed to have some set quantity of fluid poured into them.
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Part of a spirometer
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What does the top and bottom look like?
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The one on the right is a 2oz measure, the one on the left a 4oz measure: I don't think any of the items proposed thus far would have have a need for that.
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You can click on the image to see more. The top graduation for the right one reads 2 oz. and I think the other is 4 oz. No clue of the units on the other side, but it's probably mililiters. The caps are octagonal but have a circular hole in them, which I'd guess is for tubing. Both objects are open on one side. The milk stools might help anchor the tubing in place. Due to the use of ounces, I don't think it measures air flow. Beyond that, no clue.
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They look like the old baby bottles that you fill with bag liners, instead of filling the bottle itself. You slide a nipple through the hole on top, you wrap the top of the liner under the cap and screw it on. 2oz and 4oz are newborn bottle sizes.
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They are baby cereal bottles, but the nipples are missing. The nipples that were used had larger holes than regular baby bottles for thick baby cereal and the holes in the bottom pieces allow you to push the plunger part in the tube down to help the baby eat thick rice cereal through a bottle. They are like the ones I used when my nephews were babies in the 1980's, that's how I recognized them.
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I take my answer back, and second blackshirtandjeans. I forgot about the cereal bottles, but that's definitely what they are.
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Here's an eBay auction for baby cereal bottles that look quite close to your mystery objects. So what blacktshirtandjeans said.
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Just wanted to note that it also doesn't looks like any of the parts from a hygeia breast pump, the other big brand apart from Medela.
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Thanks, everyone. Nipple-less bottles it is. (I wasn't even sure if it was a thing, or two things next to each other.)
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