Cool electro-static stickers?
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I want to decorate a powerbook I am giving to someone as a present. But I don't want the stickers to get all gummy and black after a few months. Are there some static-cling types of stickers I can get? I'll like some japanese animated characters or something similar.
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Try Schtickers. They offer custom designs.
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Static cling stickers don't work for PowerBooks. I just tried it in hopes that my cool Dashboard clings would stick. However, you could probably get them to stick to an iBook since it is smooth plastic instead of the bumpy aluminum.

Even though it seems blasphemous to me for anyone to deface a PowerBook, you could try modge-podging over the stickers to seal it in. I don't know how well it will stick because I'm not in the mood to try that on my machine.

Maybe stickers printed on plastic (think bumper stickers) instead of paper would work better.
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The website As the Apple Turns has a really durable circular sticker for sale with their logo on it. I have a set of these and I think they are printed to some kind of vinyl. I put one on the back of a clipboard a few years ago, and it still looks great!
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Vinyl stickers will work fine; stay away from paper.
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Sort-of-related-filter: Do static cling stickers stick on the palm rest area of a PowerBook? I've had my heart set on using some screen-protector-type sheets as wrist-guards of a sort since the cheap paint on the interior started rubbing off almost the day I got my new 'Book.
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If static vinyl clings work with the material of your laptop, you might try vinyl cling paper you feed into your printer. Then you have ultimate control over your design. If the clings don't work, I suggest rub-on or water-slide decals, also available as printer paper. I have some Hello Kitty rub-ons on my monitor and they've been very durable. I've also used the water-slide decals for other projects,but they were ultimately coated with a glaze anyway, so I'm not sure about the permanence there.
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If you prefer not to diy, I found these anime-themed things: (not anime, but may be similarly appealing)

I also found a good selection just searching on eBay, but then you have to sort out if "vinyl decal" means sticky, or clingy, and it's usually sticky.
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bcwinters: you need wrist rugs:

I have them on my thinkpad and they work great and last for years. and yes, they really do feel like carpet...
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