Recipes using cooked duck
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We had a Roast Duck for dinner last night, but we still have half a duck left! What are some not too complicated recipes that I could make using the extra meat / skin / bones.
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duck fat! omg render the duck fat!

you can pull all the meat off the bones and make all sorts of lovely things with it (salads, "pulled" duck sandwiches, etc.)
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oh as far as actual recipes: duck tacos. It's worth noting you could substitute other sweet fruit / salty cheese types in there if you don't want to bother shopping high gourmet, like sub in mandarins / orange for the cherries, and feta or manchego for the goat cheese, etc.
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This recipe calls for half a cooked duck.

The curry paste takes a bit of work, but you'll have more than half left over for future use and it lasts a good few weeks in the fridge.

I've made this recipe with fish, not duck, and it was absolutely delicious.
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I've made Paleo Duck Hash in Crispy Lettuce Wraps a bunch of times and it's divine - enough so that I usually skip the wraps and shovel it straight from the pan into my face.
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San choy bau would be ideal and reserve the bones for soup. Or go Thai and make a duck curry with either pineapple or lychee. Mmmmmm...
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Best answer: I'd make a soup with the bones and bits, slice the rest of the meat, get some egg noodles and chou - roast duck noodle soup. Delicious!
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There's a place near me that does duck pad thai. It's pad thai, but with duck in it, and its really tasty.
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I would totally add it to a salad. Currently waxing nostalgic for a place that had the best duck salad with strawberries...
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I'd make a stew, boil the bones, fish them out after awhile, add some potatoes, lima beans, tomatoes, carrots, onions, celery and the meat and voila, stew! We routinely do this with leftover duck and rabbit, it's tasty.
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Best answer: I would make some sort of a cheater duck phở.

Take your duck, pick off the meat and set aside. Place the duck carcass in a small saucepan with about 2 quarts of water, plus half an onion (unpeeled), 1 star anise, 1/2 a cinnamon stick, some (unpeeled) sliced of ginger and a few peppercorns. If you feel like you don't have enough duck scraps, add some chicken bones or a bouillon cube. Bring to a boil and simmer for a few hours. Season with fish sauce to taste.

In a separate pot, prepare some rice noodles according to the package directions (usually boil for about 1 minute, more or less depending on thickness).

Portion out the noodles and reserved duck meat in several bowls, then pour the hot broth over it. Garnish with [Thai] basil, cilantro, mint, jalapeno slices, bean sprouts, and lime wedges.
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I'd put it in risotto with leek and cavolo nero or silverbeet. I'm not a fan of sweet/savoury in general, but if you are, you could do risotto with duck, cherries, toasted pine nuts and five spice.

If you're not a risotto expert, here's a good intro on basic risotto, to which you add other things. For the duck/leek/cavolo nero, you'd add the leek in with the onion, put the cavolo nero in with the first lot of stock so it has time to soften, add duck towards the end. For the duck/cherries/pine nuts, put the cherries and five spice in with the first lot of stock, duck towards the end and pine nuts at the very end or they'll soften and lose their bite.
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How do you possibly have leftover duck? In my house we'd be licking the plates clean.

How about fried rice? Especially if you have leftover rice too. But don't keep cooked rice in the fridge beyond 1 day, it breeds bacteria like nobody's business.
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Duck melts.

Slice apart two ciabattina rolls and flip them open. Put some (4-6 oz. worth of) shredded duck meat on the bottom side of each roll, top that meat with skin, then put sliced cheese (swiss is OK, but havarti or something similarly fatty is better) on the upturned top side of each roll. Broil on medium for a few minutes.

While they're broiling (or better yet, before you started so once you're ready to add them they're cooler and easier to handle), sautee some onions then set them aside.

I wait until I see a few wisps of smoke before I pull the sandwiches out from under the broiler. Then, pitch some of those onions on top of the bottom halves, slather the cheese-covered top halves w/dijon mustard, smush the halves together, and plate them.

Serve with a big green salad topped w/sliced avocado, sliced beefsteak tomatoes and vinegar and oil dressing.

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The British standby would be curried duck.
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I just noticed I wrote "chou" instead of "choy" - woops!
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