What guitar is this?
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What guitar is Jack Hues playing in this awesome Wang Chung cover of a Modest Mouse song?
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looks like a ibanez arz 425 or arz 400. I can't tell from the low quality of the video.
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It's an Ibanez, double cutaway, dual humbuckers, single F-hole - either hollow or more likely semi-hollow body. Doesn't appear to be part of their current lineup, based on the website.

It's not a 425 - they're solid body - no f-hole, and it's not a 420 - those have a full upper bout - no top cutaway like his. It's either an older model, or a custom job.
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I think it's closer to a gax 011, except for the pickguard and paintjob.
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The gax 011 is closer - with the symmetrical cutaways and bell shaped headstock, but his doesn't have the scalloped cutaways like the 011, and the f-hole on the 011 is routed, not a full chambered f-hole. The 011 also lacks the binding detail that his has, but we're getting closer...
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Best answer: I found a collection of old Ibanez catalogs online. Here's one from 1988 - looking most of the way down on the left hand side (you can click the images to enlarge), I think he's got an AR400.

I found a Blue Book link that confirms that the AR400 came in white. Made from 1988-1990.

Other info on that guitar seems tough to find - you might try searching or asking on the Jemsite forums, which seems to be where the online Ibanez enthusiast community is gathering these days.
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The AR400 is close, but a few details are off. I can't find any AR400 with an f-hole - they appear to be a uniformly solid body model. Also, there are two too many knobs on the 400, in the wrong configuration for his guitar, the pickup selector switch on the 400 is on the upper bout, his is on the bottom, between the volume and tone knobs. The 400 also has a different bridge unit. If his is a 400, it's a custom or heavily modified 400.
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Best answer: Dammit - reading comprehension fail on my part. Or maybe we'll just call it a typo.

The pages I linked to are for the AM 400.

That's what I meant. AM 400. Really.
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DING DING! I think soundguy has a winner!


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Response by poster: Man, thanks everyone. That's a cool damned axe.
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Those are highly coveted by some. If you find one, you buy it and call me.
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