what's this pointy thing? WWII-era butt plug?
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here's a photo. it appears to be aluminum and it's weighty for its size. It was among the possessions of an elderly, career US Navy retiree. Any ideas? Phone's for scale-- I know what that is.
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It looks like a shell casing.
posted by effigy at 1:46 PM on August 20, 2013

Are you sure it isn't explosive? Is there anything written on it? Looks a lot like one of these things.
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Best answer: For example, here is a naval shell casing (this one is larger - 16 inch):


But you'll see a similar construction and screw base.
posted by effigy at 1:50 PM on August 20, 2013

Looks similar to some 25mm ammunition
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It's a Plumb Bob.
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I'd also wager it's a plumb bob.
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Looking at the page oceanjesse linked, it doesn't look like a shell so much as it does an artillery fuze.
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If it's a plumb bob, there ought to be somewhere to attach a string (e.g. a hole or something) at the other end.
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Does it have a hole through the non-pointy end? If not then I'm not sure if it would be a plumb bob since the string needs to come through the center of the piece or else go all the way through and be tied above.
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57mm Bofors ammo?
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It's a shell casing. Lots of soldiers kept them; some folks even engraved them in their spare time.
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Best answer: Does appear to be blue anodized aluminum. Looks way more like a shell than a plumb bob, to me.
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Best answer: Blue is the color of practice ammunition.
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Yep, I think it is practice ammunition. Could maybe be a bullet fishing weight, too.
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Best answer: It's an inert 20mm cannon projectile. You know it's inert because of the blue color.

It is not a "casing". The casing is the brass shell that contains the powder, with the projectile sealing the mouth.

A cannon projectile differs from a bullet in that it's explosive. A bullet is simply simply a solid piece of metal.

The 20mm cannon is most commonly used as an air-to-air weapon, although they are mounted on Navy ships as anti-aircraft installments.

The most common 20mm gun is the Vulcan.

The projectile you have is the one loaded into the second cartridge from the left, seen here.
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dinger is correct; I meant "shell," not "shell casing."
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Navy veteran chiming in here to say that comrade robot and dinger are correct.
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