Wordpress order scheduling solution?
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I run a business where people order equipment online and then I have to call them to arrange pickup. I have a Wordpress site and using WooCommerce. I am trying to find a solution where someone could place and schedule an order using a drop down calendar 48 hours or more in advance . any advice on plugins or solutions I should be looking at?
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Best answer: I suspect it'd be overkill, but something like Gravity Forms possibly with the Gravity Forms WooCommerce add-on (although I don't think you'd need it, unless you wanted to have the pickup time set when they order the product).

Gravity Forms has date and time fields you could use to setup the appointment. Perhaps once the order is in stock, you could send an email to the user with a link to the "Book pickup time" form (the link would include the order ID (that would be stored in GF as a hidden field, for your reference) so you know which item they're picking up).
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Response by poster: there is a plugin for booking events but I cannot seem to get an answer about whether it can be used for non-event products, like woodworking equipment
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One of my clients is using BookFresh to schedule pickup times for a product that is paid for separately. It has only been on their site for a few months, but they seem happy with it so far. You can set "office hours" when appointments are allowed & then let people pick from set blocks of time within those hours. It was pretty easy to set up.

We used Setster for several years, but my clients were unhappy with their customer service (I think) & wanted to switch.
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