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Christmas is coming and i'd like some holiday suggestions .......
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For an actual holiday , i had a bereavement on christmas eve a couple of years ago and i really don't like being in scotland at that time of year , so no jokes about going to lapland please or anything about the thorn tree .
Current considerations are :
mexico , new york , rome , berlin , canary islands , norway/sweden.

due to expenses mexico and ny look pretty doubtful at that time of year so i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions ....the current fave is a plan to fly to bergen in norway and go overland to stockholm over the christmas and new year period , has anyone ever done that before ?
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I've been in Athens and Madrid for xmas, they were both pretty fun. In Athens it actually snowed, which was pretty cool (literally and figuratively) with the ruins and the guards over the tomb of the unknowns in the snow (I really felt sorry for those guys, those outfits can't be warm). Another plus for Athens was that there were VERY few tourists at that time of year so the hotels are cheap, the restaurants have tables available and you can be the only one on the Acropolis in the morning, which means you can actually see it.
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I did Rome and Florence right around Christmas two years ago. Rome was quite pleasant at that time of year. It was a lot easier to get around and enjoy the city. Also, most of the attractions were uncrowded and there were lots of neat Christmas displays. The Vatican is especially nice at that time of year.

Florence was also quite pleasant, though I prefer it in Spring. The weather was quite tolerable and there were extra holiday markets that I enjoyed.
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Seconding Greece in December. I travelled all around near Christmas time a few years ago. The weather was great [not too cold, although it did snow in Delphi] and prices were rock bottom because there were no tourists.

I also spent Christmas in southern Sweden one year. It was beautiful--lots of snow, a bit cold--and a great time. I also recommend Copenhagen around that time. Sorry I can't comment on your specific itinerary, I haven't been through Norway.
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I happen to like New York. Where are you flying from? The cost of travel to Europe is obviously high. New York City is the loveliest place at Christmas, or anytime. If you have a nice place to stay, depending on your finances, you will be delighted beyond measure. Walks in the park, along the avenues, the museums, restaurants and cafes, whatever your interests. Do you know NYC? If you are in good spirits, Christmas in New York can be unforgettable and a deep joy, and not so much more than what a flight and expenses to Scandinavia would be. But Norway & Sweden sound pretty good.
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New York. So we can go drinkin' with you again.
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Christmas day on rockaway beach ? hmmm........
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