Looking for Germany Football (Soccer) Shorts
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Looking to buy shorts for the German National Football (soccer) team online.

Can anyone recommend a reputable website where I can buy a pair of Germany Football (soccer) national team shorts? I am looking for the black, Adidas ones, similar to these.

I bought a pair from a "knock-off" site a couple of months back, and trust me...you get what you pay for. It only cost $20, but its not worth it. I will use them around the house for chores and painting.

I am looking for a quality pair. If anyone has any suggestions as to where to buy these online for a reasonable price, please let me know. I normally buy my football items from kitbag.com, however, they haven't listed these shorts in a long while. I would prefer an English speaking site (North America or UK) that easily delivers to Canada. I found a pair on a Germany site, but with the shipping, taxes, conversion, VAT, etc, it wasn't feasible.

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Soccer Scene stocks all sort of international club and national team kit, including Germany's. Delivery to Canada is £15 though. Ouch.
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Also: as I guess you know if possible you really want a mate in the UK (if you buy it in the UK) to buy it and send it on to you. It would cost about £5 to send, plus £1 or so for the envelope and if they marked it to customs as an unsolicited gift you'd pay no tax.
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You can go straight to the source, as it were, and buy them from the DFB Fanshop. It appears they ship to anywhere in the world, with the fee to Canada allegedly based on the actual cost of shipping. I would contact them first and see if they can give you a shipping estimate, though.
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Oops, the DFB shop isn't based in an English-speaking country obviously. I would expect them to be able to answer an enquiry about shipping costs in English, though.
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There's an ebay seller here who might do the trick.
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DFB Fanshop is pretty expensive as far as shipping goes (to my experience in the US).

I'd suggest Amazon.de. Looks like they'll accomodate global shipping for this item.
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