Is anybody doing good sci fi/fantasy/horror book reviews?
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I used to really enjoy the reviews at an old website called Inchoatus, their focus was sci fi. But they went dark a long time ago. So are there any decent independent sites doing thoughtful, in-depth (and, sure, snarky) reviews of sci fi and horror (I'm less interested in fantasy, though I understand that it's part of the whole thing) books these days?
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The online scifi mag Strange Horizons has a review section and so does Locus. I don't know if these count as "independent", however.

While not reviews, I've relied a lot recently on Scazi's Whatever blog category Big Idea, where authors explain various thoughts behind the making of their books. There's not the depth of a review there, but all the same I find it really signals books to me that I would like to read--though if you are reading reviews for reasons other than finding new reading material, that probably would not be useful.
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Best answer: I remember Inchoatus, it really was a great review site. I found one similar site, managed by one guy, but it hasn't posted a new review since April, so maybe it also died.
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I just checked it out, the site is not dead, but the guy managing it is producing a kickstarted documentary and will be back reviewing after he is finished with production. The site operates since 12 years and has a wealth of very good written reviews.
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SF Signal has book and movie reviews, in addition to interviews and other articles. (Full disclosure, I know these guys.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommends guys. SFReviews seems closest to what I'm thinking about but all the others are good and useful too.
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