Music alarm app for iPhone
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I want to wake up with music. What are the best music alarm apps for iPhone with a clean, modern and intuitive interface.

I'm using an app called RadiON at the moment to play music in the morning. I find that it's interface is really clunky. Adding alarms and editing alarms isn't intuitive. I've also heard of Awaken but I haven't tried it.

I'd like to find something with a clean interface which makes adding and deleting albums easy and works on iOS 5 (my alarm is an old repurposed iPod Touch).
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I like Yocto Alarm Clock. I think it suits your wants.
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Rise is good, really slick interface.
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Not necessarily a slick interface, but your phone will do this without a dedicated app. Go to the clock app > alarm and create a new alarm or edit existing. You can choose the sound, including any song from your music library.

It only plays one song though - I don't think you can set it to use albums or playlists.

May not be what you're looking for, but might help in a pinch.
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Best answer: Alarm Clock Pro by iHandy will let you use any song or playlist on your iPod.
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Best answer: Seconding Alarm Clock Pro!! It is perfect. Easy, intuitive, customizable.
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Seconding Yocto Alarm Clock. Very nice UI, and the most responsive developer I've known in the app store.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I downloaded Alarm Clock Pro and it's been working well and waking me up for the last month.
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