Where to stay in Sydney, Australia?
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I'm going to Sydney for a weekend and I'm looking for your recommendations of reasonably cheap accommodation - either cheapish hotels or hostels. I'm not looking for anywhere with a party vibe, but I'm open to suggestions apart from that. Ta!
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What sort of price range are you looking at, and what are you there to do (so as to recommend areas)?
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Glebe youth hostel is grown up and in a nice spot along a road full of cafes and so forth. It has individual rooms to rent. It's pretty easy to get into town too.
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@AnnaRat - looking to pay less than $150 per night for a hotel if I can manage it, don't mind staying in a hostel though in which case price doesn't matter. As for what I'll do - probably mainly shopping with a bit of sightseeing thrown in. I'm not bothered about nightlife but proximity to eateries would be a plus.
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A private room at Sydney Central YHA.

Close to the main train station, and walking distance from the restaurants of Chinatown.
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I've always had good luck with these guys http://www.yhotel.com.au/. But also check lastminute.com.au and wotif.com.au for their mystery deals if you're booking far enough in advance. I've had a couple of good scores through that.
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I stay at the Altamont in Darlinghurst when I visit Sydney. Clean, groovy, quirky, nice staff and very central, close to trains, actually quiet for such a location. You could check any of the hotels in the 8Hotels group.
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I like the railway square yha
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My favourite is always Billabong Gardens in Newtown. It's an awesome location, very quiet for a hostel, and they have clean private rooms at decent prices too. There's a lovely centre courtyard with a pool and lots of plants.

I recommend avoiding anything too near the railway station. You'll get tons of street noise and weird all-night partiers.
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I stayed at the Sydney YWCA. They have two locations, one is in a big downtown-ish building and the other is a bit further out but accessible by bus/cab to other stuff. Both were really reasonably priced. City South was more like a hotel and Hyde park was more like a hostel (bathrooms down the hall, for example). Wotif is good for last minute changes too. I had to get a last minute place in Sydney once because the place we were supposed to be staying didn't have a room with AC and I made a reservation at another place nearby at like 8 pm that night. Very helpful.
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Just chiming in to agree with the Newtown suggestion - I haven't stayed at that particular place, but Newtown would be a great area to base yourself, with great shopping and eating (and very easy transport to other Sydney sights - there are millions of buses along King St that head into the city).
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I was also going to reccomend Billabond Gardens in Newtown.

Newtown has a vibrant night life of bars and resturants.
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