Where's a good outdoorsy night spot in Seattle?
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I'm in Seattle with a friend for the weekend. It's 8:30. We're looking to wander a bit tonight, hopefully outside, hopefully with a good view of the city or some impressive natural phenomenon. Any suggestions?

We're open for a little exploring or adventuring. We have a car and a GPS, and no real time we need to be home. (Or if that's too specific -- maybe just a fun night out...!)

Thanks all! I appreciate it.
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Kerry Park in Queen Anne is the typical "postcard view" of Seattle.

Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill is very picturesque, albeit more cultivated than "natural".

Golden Gardens in Ballard is a great place to watch sailboats and the sunset. Afterward you could go to Ray's Cafe for dessert.
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Gasworks Park.
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Hempfest is going on this minute near the downtown waterfront which might hit all of your desires for an adventure, interesting night out, and views (both natural and otherwise).
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Ended up doing Aiki Beach, which was perfect.
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