Photoshop (CS6, Win) Filter: Can't seem to turn off color profile? Help!
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For some reason, photos that I edit in CS6 that look fine in Photoshop, and also fine after saving when then browsing them in Windows Photo Viewer - appear much, much redder when browsing them from various web services (Facebook, Phanfare, Dropbox photo viewer), regardless of browser selection (FF, IE, Chrome).

I do not recall having this problem back in CS4 or 5.1.

As far as I know, I have the latest version version of 64bit CS6 per the Adobe Updater.

It's not a problem with my (home) lcd monitor being a couple years old, or poorly calibrated (the Spyder Pro 3 seems to say it's about as good as it's ever been), because I have the same problem if I try doctoring the photos at my workplace (and that monitor is much newer and better).

I've read this guy's rather thorough description of how to strip color profiles out of photo files.

Whether I use "save for web", or "edit -> convert to profile", even though I appear to take all the necessary steps to not have an embedded profile - and it seems like it unchecks the appropriate boxes - the redness still occurs in web browsers.

I've read some things about this problem being potentially caused by viewing stuff on a wide gamut monitor, but since the problem appears identical in both places, I don't think that is it either. It's like Photoshop has a bug that is preventing it from ditching the embedded profile. Maybe.

Any clue? It's making me kinda nuts. : )

thx mefiters!
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Try edit->convert to profile (not assign) and set it to sRGB.

Make sure you don't have any proofing on when you're making your edits (which would go away upon export).
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Yep. What notnot said.
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