Bulk Produce in Vancouver
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In August, I usually buy a bushel of tomatoes and make a 12-month supply of canned sauce, soups, and salsas. Where can I buy a bushel of tomatoes and other bulk produce in Vancouver, Canada?
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The Sunrise market on the DTES is the cheapest produce store in town, afaik. Let us know if you wanted organic or local fare.
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I found a brochure issued by Home Hardware listing farm stores all over ON at a visitors center. They might have done the same for BC.
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I would talk to a vendor at one of the local farmer's markets (e.g. Trout Lake on Victoria Drive in east Van) and see what they can do for you.
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Best answer: Trout lake turned out to be very expensive. The "Tomato Man" tent wanted $75 for a bushel of Roma tomatoes.

We ended up finding a few resources on our own.

1. The Apple Market on Hastings, near Willingdon, has very cheap produce, but no bulk sales.

2. Pro-Organics on Willingdon, by the Costco, has sales of bulk produce to the public on Saturday mornings.

3. Lastly, the SuperStore on Grandview Highway sells 25 pound boxes of Roma tomatoes for a brief period. (I think they were only there for one weekend.) Each box cost $16. We bought two.
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