Help the frustated gamblin' man get his small money fix.
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What would be the most accessible and cost effective way for a U.S. resident to get a small value daily gambling fix? I enjoyed the daily stock market positions on Intrade (RIP), for instance. Day trading? Other gambling sites? Betting sidewalk strangers on coin flips?

There is something I really enjoy about placing small wagers on a regular basis. I'm not a lottery player, or a casino gambler, but I just get a kick out of, for instance, having 10 bucks each day riding on the movement of the stock market. Gives a certain extra zest to the day's news. Intrade was great for that stuff, now sadly it is gone for the foreseeable future. I don't really care all that much if I make significant gains over the long term. I've got a day job, and I don't plan to sink more than a few hundred dollars into a bankroll for this little habit. That said, I'd prefer to not have my whole bankroll get chewed up by transaction fees. What would folks recommend to get a minor thrill of small and regular bets?

Can I day trade on on some exchange for a reasonable monthly fee? How much would be a minimum deposit to make that feasible? Are there other betting sites where I could easily place small wagers? Sports betting? Ease of getting money out could be important, I dislike going through random and shady online payment processors. Thanks all!
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Best answer: Daily fantasy sports would give you your fix. But to do it right, you need to spend some time on it doing research. check out sites like fanduel.
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Would scratch-off lottery tickets be enough of a thrill?
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Scratch tickets.
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Response by poster: Well I am not really into random lottery tickets. I want to bet against humans in some way--either small stock market bets or actual straight up wagers. And it's got to be real money. But thanks for the answers!
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Satoshi Dice?
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Couponing? As in, see if you can get CVS to owe you money at the end? I guess that's more of a skill game than a bet.

Ebay sniping?
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I'll second Satoshi Dice. You get the additional thrill of BitCoin speculation with that one.
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Best answer: Day trading does do it. Within a year you'll be able to play poker legally online as well.
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I'm way late to this, but I like flipping a coin with coworkers for lunch or sodas from the machine.

Coworkers who enjoy that might be susceptible to a few rounds of put-and-take at lunch, which you can play with an ordinary die (1= put 1, 2 = take 1, 3= put 2, 4=take 2, 5= put all, 6= take all - you can write it on w/a sharpie if you want) if you don't have the little dreidel thingamabob.
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