How can I script changes to a few hundred files
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I have a few hundred text files, all in the same directory , each of which contain a single line of text that looks like so: string OR string OR string ... OR string OR I need to add "EID(" to the beginning of each file, and replace the last "OR " with a ")" I am on a Mac and am fine with Terminal- it is how I got this far. At this point though, I am totally failing at getting the right awk or sed to make this happen. Hope me?

My normal approach to this is to Google until I find the exact thing I am trying to do. This time I am close, but not quite there. Clearly, I have spent too much time as a PM and too little time coding lately.

Things I have tried:

This got the EID( at the end instead of the beginning: for f in *; do echo 'EID(' >> "$f"; done

This trimmed the OR but just printed instead of saving: for f in *; do sed "s/...$//" $f; done

This printed the file names but didn't do anything: for f in *; do echo ${line:(-3)} $f; done

I can use the first command to get the end parentheses on, so really it is the the final trim and the first insert that are problems.
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Best answer:
for f in *; do
echo Processing $f
cat "$f" | sed -e '1,$s/^/EID(/' -e '1,$s/[ \t]*OR[ \t]*$/)/' > "${f}.fixed"

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Best answer: Spacewrench's script looks good but if you want to end up with the same file names as before, between cat and done, you could add:
mv "${f}.fixed" "$f" 

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Best answer: True. Or (since I'm an old gray-haired Unix geek with plenty of unpleasant experiences...):
mv "${f}" "${f}.orig" && mv "${f}.fixed" "${f}"
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Response by poster: Awesome! Success! Thank you both very muchly!
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For future reference, you can use
sed -ioriginal
to create an automatic backup ($filename.original here), obviating the mv commands, and -i also allows you to operate on all the files via a wildcard, like 'sed -ibak -e '...' *', eliminating the file loop.
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Just in case anyone's interested, the free and awesome Textwrangler lets you do a search-and-replace of a folder of files using grep.

I find it a lot easier to practice on a couple of files with that first, rather than jumping straight into the terminal.
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