Dyson won't work with vacuum storage bags.
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I have a bunch of vacuum storage bags, but I own a Dyson DC25 upright vacuum cleaner. The attachment nozzle doesn't work for vacuum bags since it has a protrusion for attaching different heads.

My usual solution is to fasten a toilet paper tube to the end of the nozzle and duct tape it to make a seal, but the cardboard eventually collapses and it's a big pain in general. Would the adaptor tool help? It doesn't seem to be available on Dyson's Canadian site, unfortunately.
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Got a coping saw and a heat gun? Cut PVC pipe so it attaches on one side to the Dyson, the other to the bag, with a short transition area. You'll need a spray bottle full of water, or better yet a friend holding a wet towel.

It becomes very pliable with heat. Heat-bend it (with gloves) to match the wider opening first, then spray with water to freeze it at that shape. Heat the rest of the tube to funnel to the smaller shape. Lock into shape with water again.

Seal the cut seam with PVC cement.

If the transition is large, use a cap to transition abruptly from large to small diameters, and again, use PVC cement to bond them together. Lots of it, built up in layers.
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Response by poster: Hardcore! I'm surprised nobody sells a ready-made adaptor like this. I don't have a heat gun, but maybe home depot rents them.
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I think sugru would be too flexible for this. What you'd want is something like Instamorph if you wanted to make your own.

I am a little confused, though- I have a DC25 and I use those space bags by Ziploc without any trouble- the nozzle doesn't even have to mate very well for it to suck the air out. Are your bags totally different from those?
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Response by poster: I can get a half decent seal with the Ziploc bags, but the other brands don't work at all. I'm really intrigued by Instamorph and Sugru though, I'll try one and post the results!
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