Recommendations for int'l packers/movers from NYC to South America?
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I'm helping someone move from Queens, NYC to Bolivia, and I'd appreciate recommendations on reliable packers/movers that have international moving experience. This would be a small apartment's worth of clothing, kitchen items, TVs, etc, but no furniture. The largest item would be an upright piano that, ideally, could be packed by the same company but, otherwise would be separately crated and shipped with the household effects. In the event that no great int'l movers come to mind, recommendations for a great packer and a great international freight forwarding company would be appreciated.
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I don't know of any good movers. I've used international movers only for a US to Europe move and I would not recommend them.

When we moved US to South America, we just mailed everything and I'd suggest that. Works great for clothes and kitchen gear. There will be some documentary/customs issues when you go to pick up but that's going to happen regardless (and no matter how often shippers promise they'll clear customs for you, it's never happened for us like that).

You can't take the TV and the piano like that, obviously. Those will be expensive to replace in Bolivia but savings on mailing vs shipping will go a long way to covering the difference between selling in nyc and buying in Bolivia.
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The Moving Scam has endorsed movers (both domestic and international) and a forum where people can recommend movers for specific countries.

Also, I'd try searching here for "international move" or the like. I know there have been some similar questions in the past (just not specifically NYC to South America) and there were a couple companies recommended that do international moves to all destinations.
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Seconding Moving Scam, it's a very helpful site. We got four quotes from firms recommended there, and found that the quoting process was enlightening for judging the companies. For us, getting clear prices for the packing and shipping was straightforward, but we wound up spending time clarifying their insurance policies before we chose.
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I moved US-Europe and I was very happy with Stevens Worldwide.
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We used Rainers Overseas Movers to move from California to Australia two years ago. They were great and reasonably priced (not the cheapest, not super expensive) - I'd use them again. All our stuff made it, on time and undamaged. They packed for us two, which made the whole thing MUCH less stressfull. And yeah, Moving Scam! Good luck!!
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Thanks for your recommendations. I'm sure they'll be very useful in this project.
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