Need sexy-but-scientific items to watch "in bed"
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Can you recommend some sexy-but-scientific things to watch to get us in the NSFW mood?

My husband said recently that he'd be open to watching stuff while we're getting busy, so I asked him what specifically. (He's pretty bashful about porn, though I know he's watched it in the past. I would definitely be open to watching porn, but he seems a little intimidated by that.) He said, "I don't know. Something about science and sex?"

I'd definitely be into that. A long time ago, we used to watch Talk Sex with Sue, and that seemed to do it, but I'd like some other options. We have also watched a few episodes of Real Sex, and some of that was great too.

To be clear, we're not looking for sci-fi porn. I'm looking for recommendations for real-science and sex together in the same show.

Any ideas?
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The Discovery Channel has a series called "The Science of Sex Appeal." TLC has another sex/science show called "Anatomy of Sex." Both have clips available on the network websites and you may be able to find full copies on YouTube or Netflix.
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Um, TED talks?
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-The BBC's "A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex"
-The "Lovers' Guide' series of DVDs/videos
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I know that CTV or CBC or BBC have done some shows about the science of sex appeal and sexuality. And they might work better in your case because those channels will show nudity and people having sex (but obviously not in a graphic or porny way). So I might steer away from American-produced science stuff about sex and try some European or Canadian ones.
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If you have showtime, they are starting a series called Masters of Sex based on William Masters and Virginia Johnson.
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Isabella Rossellini?
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If he's that bashful, I wouldn't ask outright just yet, but be alert for any particular branches of science (hard or soft), particular types of science-related settings, lab clothing, equipment, etc. that seems to particularly catch his attention. Remember it (or record it in your lab notebook), it might come in handy for future experiments.

I am absolutely serious.
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Indeed, as "hattifattener" suggested, Isabella Rossellini's "Green Porno" should be fun to watch...
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Came here to say Isabella. Thirding that. (Oh Metafilter, you do not fail to delight me.)
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Would those shows where people call in and talk to hosts about sexy problems work? I imagine there is a ton of them (and, for foreplay, you can play The Ladies Man)
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"Microcosmos". There's a very sexy love scene between a couple of snails. To some opera music.
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Showtime is producing the show for you this fall: Masters of Sex.
"...chronicling the unusual lives, romance, and pop culture trajectory of the pioneers of the science of human sexuality, William Masters and Virginia Johnson." It looks pretty awesome.
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Hey! Nerd sex science! Probably not quite the thing, but interesting.
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