Where can I find Planet Earth?
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For a project, I need (well, want) to find a 3d CAD drawing of Earth. Any file format is workable, but .dwg and .3dm are preferable. Does anybody know where I might be able to find this?

Bonus points if it's free.
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What features do you want? I'm assuming a plain sphere wouldn't work... How about http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=8038f2ba3f632534b3a9dba27e0d1e83&prevstart=0 ?
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Response by poster: Any features would work. It'll need to be more than a raster projected onto a sphere, however. Thanks though!

At the least, I want a sphere with the shapes of continents outlined. I can work with it from there. Ideally, however, I'd be able to find a full topographic model.
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Here's one.

It's not super elegant, but it's available in a ton of file formats, including DWG.
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ASTER GDEM is a freely available topographic map of the Earth, but not provided in the format you're after (it's a flat map with elevation data). if you've got a way to wrap that around a sphere then it's about the most accurate model you'll find.
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