Looking for a Chinese and English GCSE science book
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I'm looking for two books, one biology, one chemistry. They are related to GCSE, they say that on the front of the books, but I don't know if they're licensed. One has a green cover, one has a blue cover, but they both have pictures on the front. The good thing about these books is that they explain scientific concepts through diagrams in one-pagers, which are conveniently in both Chinese and English. Help me find these books?

I've looked through Google, Taobao, and Baidu and I can't find anything that matches these books. They may be somewhat old, I'm not sure. I no longer have access to the books but would like to have the name so that I can purchase them either at home or in China (as I am moving there soon). I used them in March/April so I have a pretty good memory of what they look like.

They aren't textbooks - they maybe have 100 pages each, maybe less. They were paperback.

They didn't look like these books as they had some kind of picture on each cover.
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Are they these two books? The blue one is physics, not chemistry, but they otherwise seem to match your description.
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Response by poster: They could be a different edition of the books I'm looking for, but without the cover matching or being able to see a sample page I can't quite tell.
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Response by poster: Development! I found this picture of the spine of one of the books (well both, but one is obscured by a pen). I can't read the spines, unfortunately.
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