Plus-size women's polo shirt sizing in Denmark?
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I'm from Canada and I am attending a conference and need to select my t-shirt size from a supplier in Denmark. Does anyone know how a women's 2XL compares to a 3XL in Denmark - like what the bust and waist measurements are? Would these sizes be similar to a US/Canada 2XL and 3XL? Here is the polo t-shirt that we're getting. Thank you!!
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This is hard to answer as companies have their own standards for fit - I know in the UK, a 16 in a shop catering to teenagers will be much smaller than a 16 in a shop catering to 30yr olds. Even then, within that same shop one could fit into a 12, a 14 or a 16, depending on fit and stretch. These polos may be more or less stretchy than your US version, so you may need to size up or down. (I'm busty - I love shops that give you an exact chest measurement as '16' or 'Large' is near meaningless.)

I have a feeling they may be smaller as US sizes are IME quite large, but I can only guess - you'd be best off contacting the company and asking them for measurements for their specific sizes.
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Best answer: I managed to find the size chart for TeeJay's Style 145 on another site. It indicates that a 2XL is 52cm across the chest and a 3XL is 54cm across the chest. Double that to get a full chest measurement.
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