Please help me find this leder rucksack
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Looking for the brand for a convertible leather backpack of German origin.

Recently my husband and I were on vacation and spoke at some length with a shopkeeper about really good and fashionable leather backpacks. He showed me a bag by a German manufacturer that was really styling, and featured straps that converted it from backpack to handbag by way of the straps passing through oval grommets in the back of the bag. The specific bag we looked at was teal blue and it had metal grommets and also a metal plate of some sort on the front flap of the bag, too, I think.

We were not in the position to buy at the time, and now I'm blanking on the manufacturer. My google-fu is failing in every direction on this one. Not only can I not find the item in question (either via "leather backpack" or "leder rucksack" with any further embellishment), neither can I figure out which shop I was at when I had this discussion.

Metafilter, hope me!
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Here's an overview.

The one fitting your description best would be this. The metal plate on this has the manufacturer name - Spiess.
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Try an image search with 'tasche rucksackfunktion leder'.
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No metal plate and probably not the right kind of blue, but how's this Bree bag? Here's a picture showing the handbag/bagpack conversion.

Otherwise, do you remember the brand name even vaguely? Any of the logos here ring a bell?
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Was it Bree? They have stylish bags in beautifully colored leathers.
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Response by poster: Thanks all--I haven't seen it in any of those (but am on my phone now, will have a look on a larger screen soon).

I think the brand name started with an O. The brand list was a great idea! I think the brand might be a bit more "boutique" or at least not as widely available.

Definitely wasn't the Bree bag or the Speiss one. I realize I could have been more clear in that the metal plate on the flap was pretty big, I think it went clear across the width of the bag and was at least a couple of inches high. Much bigger than the Speiss nameplate.

Again, appreciate the efforts. Will keep trying to think of the name of the store so I can ask directly!
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Response by poster: Following up to say that I did track down the store (Century in Provincetown, MA, highly recommended!) and the owner kindly got back to me. The bag in question is by Olbrish and must be the Kurier. Holy moly, 450 Euro is a little out of my price range--but damn, that's one foxy backpack....

Thanks all for the help and suggestions!
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