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I needed an image map. I'm no coder, so I went looking for a map and code that I could run, change and run it again to see what changed and if I had to change it back. I built a map that seems to be working, except for an small black square icon in the upper left corner. Before I removed the "img scr" line, there was a red "X" in the box. Now, it's just the box itself. I thought that whenever you saw a box like that, it meant the image couldn't be found. But, my entire image is there. When I preview the page in IE and Firefox, the map works and all of my links are where they're supposed to be, but the box won't go away. What is it? Should it go away or will something happen when I publish the site that will make the image nonfunctional? Will it be there when the site goes live? Here is the code -
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If you've removed the "src" from the "img" tag, the image tag has no clue where to grab the image from. The fact that you're still seeing the image is confusing; you talk about "publishing the site" – are you using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla or something? Or are you doing this all in hand-coded HTML?

This pastebin might be a better start for what you're trying to do: I deleted the extraneous div tags (Those are just wrappers for formatting left over from the site you copied this from) and added back in src="image.jpg". You'll need to replace "image.jpg" with the location of your image.

If this is sounding like mostly Greek to you, you might want to try a service like this or follow a tutorial like this. Good luck!
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Response by poster: I'm using Serif Web X6 to build the website. I have the image stored on another site. I speak Greek at about 3 year old level so basic stuff. I really appreciate the help. I'll try this.
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