Any way to make chrome page scaling work like firefox text scaling?
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When you do cmd+/- on Firefox, it scales the text up or down. When you do cmd+/- on Chrome, it scales the entire page up or down: text, images, layout. I prefer the Firefox scaling. Can I get this on Chrome somehow?

Actually, Firefox allows both behaviors with a checkbox. Chrome does not appear to. I'm on Mac, if it matters.
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Best answer: From the support, it looks like the basic Chrome only zooms full page. However a quick search for "Crome zoom text only" - which is the Firefox feature - came up with this extension you can install. There may be other similar extensions. Since crome is a very light basic browser, you often have to add extensions for features like this.
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Response by poster: Thanks. That extension seems to mostly work, and it's a good workaround until the developers decide they want to make this a feature at the browser level.
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