I Need a New Email Client
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So, Google just forced me to use their new compose interface, and I hate it. So, I guess I want a new email client...

I have been using Gmail for 8+ years, and know nothing about email clients these days.

One of the things that I like best about Gmail is the ability to give individual emails multiple labels. Are there any clients out there that will allow me to do this? Another consideration is how easily the client will handle my 13,000+ emails I have in
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Thunderbird works with GMail just fine, including labels and conversations. Read more here.
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Thunderbird is the best desktop client I'm aware of for use with Gmail. It does folders rather than tags, though. (Gmail tags become folders in Thunderbird.) This works out pretty well though. Search is also pretty fast, although admittedly not quite as fast as Gmail's search when you are searching full message contents.

I find myself using the right-click -> Show in Conversation feature quite often, and I miss it whenever I'm using another MUA like Apple Mail.

Really a nice program.
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Thunderbird is really fantastic for using with Gmail. There are lots of extensions to enhance the integration as well, for things like conversation threading and syncing address books and Google Calendar.

I think recent versions of Thunderbird demolish the Gmail interface for search. It's crazy good and easier to do fine grained searches and see message previews. I don't notice it as being slower than the Gmail web interface at all. Just under 40k emails here.

Like a lot of software that's been around a long time and has advanced features, it takes a bit of fiddling to get it set up just how you want it. But the results are worth it.
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The new version of Outlook, both online and desktop, is pretty sweet.
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I use T-bird as a supplement to the main web gmail; it is good for actually archiving email in a format that can be exported (requires an free extension).

It and its related mozilla products play very nicely with Gmail features like calendar/tasks/contacts.
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Can you explain more what [mis]features you dislike about the new compose, or what you liked about the old? Are you looking for a new CLIENT (presumably to connect to your current GMail account?) or a new webmail service altogether?
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I hate it, too. I feel like I've been squished into a smaller space and all my controls are hidden.
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I switched from Thunderbird to Postbox a couple of years ago and it is by far my favorite mail client for Windows/OS X. It's based on the Thunderbird code and the base functionality is very similar but it's got a lot more UI polish and some additional features that are really nice for making email interaction easier (quick reply, focus pane, great keyboard navigation between accounts/folders, etc.). It's specifically made to coordinate with Gmail, including its multiple labels and "important" flag.

It's not free but completely worth the cost ($9.95).
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+1 for Postbox. Love it.
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