Good Ideas for Spare iPad
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Spare iPad 2. What fun things can I do with it?

My company just handed everyone an iPad2 for a big anniversary event. Wow! I can't believe it! But... I already have an iPad2. And the one I have has more storage. I'd put the new one up on the market, but they put our company logo on the back, which makes me a little reluctant.

I will offer this to my Mom, since she's the only one in the family who doesn't have one. But she's said more than once that she doesn't want one. (And I don't think it's just saying she doesn't until she has one. She's had the opportunity to play with them, and Dad has offered his to borrow more than once)

So if she says no, what are some fun things I could do with a spare iPad?
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I have a spare one that I have sitting in a dock in my bathroom. It's fun to get ready for work while listening to news through the BBC app or watching live tv on the TWC app.

My wife steals it now and then for watching workout videos on.
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Congrats! You now have a dedicated bathroom poo-hands tablet.
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Offer it to your mom with some angry birds type games loaded on it. My grandma didn't want an ipad or any other kind of tablet until we gave her a Kindle Fire, and now I see her on my facebook feed all the goddamn time...she's got like the 6th highest overall angry birds score or something ridiculous.

If she's still not into it, man, I think it'd be great to have a kitchen-only ipad. I have an ipad, and I've had to wipe errant frosting splatters off of it more times than I can count.
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I bought an iPad bracket for my kitchen and now I have a handy iPad on the wall that acts (predominantly) as my family calendar, recipe book and radio. But I usually have it on a clock/weather app so I have a nice clock when I'm not using it for something else. It's really handy to have hanging there all the time.
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If not the bathroom, and assuming you don't have a Roku or something similar, how about making it part of your home entertainment system? Get the appropriate hookups and either load it with content or make use of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or [favorite sport here].

Mount it on a wall or place on a shelf and use it as a digital picture frame. Or maybe find some app that regularly updates something (Twitter, Facebook, weather, news blurbs, whatever).

Use it as a digital clock.

Load it up with games and leave it on the coffee table or close by. Or a guest room. Or night stand.

Going with the kitchen ipad idea, I have the Paprika app and love it. A great recipe organizer. I'm with phunnieimee - if I had a spare ipad I'd probably get a nice mount of some sort for the kitchen and use it there.

You could always sell it. Even with the company logo, I think you'd get a decent amount of bucks for it.
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Does your mum cook recipes? If so... save some recipe websites to the homepage and buy a stand for it. Wrap it in a bow and leave it on the bench top in her kitchen.
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Mine is a GPS for my boat.
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Status Board by Panic
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