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What do you call those images where each "pixel" is made up of a tiny photo? Usually the subphotos are thematically related to the main image. Extra special bonus if you can point me to software (how perfect would a GIMP plugin be? very perfect) that will generate one using a pile of images (cheating by adding tints to individual images is totally fine for these purposes).

Googling "photo collage pixel" and the like brought up this four year old project, but I figure there have to be more recent efforts, and if I could just find the right buzzword to search for I'd be on my way.
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Best answer: Photo mosaic?
posted by kathryn at 1:28 PM on August 13, 2013

Best answer: Photomosaic, or photographic mosaic.
posted by Faint of Butt at 1:29 PM on August 13, 2013

Best answer: AndreaMosaic will do the job. Ugly interface; very good output.
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