NYC Recording Studio Tour?
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I want to take my friend on a tour of a recording studio in the NYC area to take a friend on for his birthday. Google has come up surprisingly short. I'd prefer a recording studio that has come kind of historical importance, though I know that most of the legendary studios in NYC have moved or closed. If a historically significant studio isn't a possibility, I was hoping to find one that has recorded interesting artists in the alt/indie rock, power pop, or soul genres.

I have reached out to one newer studio of artists he's into but in case they don't do tours, I wanted to find other options. Plus, more than one studio tour would be just fine as well. Thanks for any tips!
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Surely it's worth giving Electric Lady studios a call.
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Electric Lady doesn't do tours.

It's been my experience that working studios are not excited about doing tours for people without some kind of prior personal connection.

You might get a little more traction if you booked an hour of studio time but explained to them that instead of a session you wanted a tour.
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Seconding daptone
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