Found old Palm wireless universal keyboard, do I have any use for this?
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While cleaning out my closet, I found an unopened and unused Palm "Universal" Wireless keyboard that I obtained years ago but never used. I no longer have any Palm products; the only devices I could use it with would be a Droid 2, iMac, or Dell XPS laptop. Is there anyway to use this keyboard with what I have, or do I have no use for it?

Link to product here:

Thanks in advance!
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That keyboard transmits via infrared, not by Bluetooth or any other universal protocol. I think you may be SOL.
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Infrared keyboards are old tech. You will be better off using it with old tech than looking for a device to integrate your keyboard into new tech.
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The infrared protocol it speaks is IrDA. If you don't have another device with an IrDA port, there are USB-IrDA adapters.
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Though I agree that IrDA hardware is possible for much new tech, I worry that there aren't drivers to support your keyboard on IrDA. So you could potentially make a connection on the IrDA adapter, but the operating system on your Droid, iMac or laptop might not support the keyboard.

The official support and downloads page for your product ( only lists support for Palm and Treo devices and lists the product as Legacy (which presumably means they don't intend to develop more drivers for newer devices).

That said, some devices do have universal support for keyboards and if you're lucky, it might work for your setup. Don't bet on it, though. Legacy drivers are always a very tricky proposition.
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