Sliding (mac) windows
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I have a monitor attached to my iMac, which is running 10.8.4. I use the dock to switch between open windows and programs. Until this morning this was never a problem -- I could leave a pdf open on one screen to refer to, and open Mail on the other screen. This meant I could look at what I was writing about.

Except suddenly, when I open Mail, it swishes every other open window away -- they remain open, but I have to return to the dock and click twice on them. It is only Mail that is having this issue (and it is the only program that requires a double-click to bring back). I've been switching between Acrobat Pro, inDesign, Word, Chrome, and Firefox. And Mail until this morning. I've obviously hit something that's changed a setting, but I have no idea what!!

I need to fix this. It is driving me loopy! Or slidey ... thank you!
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Best answer: It sounds like you've either accidentally made the Mail application full screen, or you have placed it on its own desktop/space. Each link will explain what these are and how to get out of them again.

Spaces are actually a great feature... but only when you *want* them that way.
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Response by poster: Brilliant! Thank you so much. I'm still not sure what happened, or whether it had its own "space" but I set it to one window. I'll investigate spaces when I don't have a deadline! Thanks!
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FYI, if you're going to have a play with full-screen or spaces and you use a multi-monitor setup, I'd suggest waiting until you've updated to 10.9. There are a couple of annoyances on 10.8 with full screen in particular, and spaces less so, that have apparently been addressed in Mavericks.
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If you move your cursor all the way to the top of the Mail window, you should see the menu bar drop down, and in the upper right corner is a little blue box with arrows; click that, and the Mail window will un-full-screen.
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