What news aggregator do you use?
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I have tried to get on the RSS bandwagon. Really I did. But it's just too much drama for me. I read The Morning News (www.tmn.org) everyday, and love that someone I trust chooses stories for me -- it's edited, focused, smart, and clean. Does anyone have other aggregators (or curators?) that are similar? (I'm trying Atlantic Wire with limited joy.)
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I love the Drudge Report. And I especially love the constant tweaking of Weiner?

I love that he includes a constant supply of the real with the inane and the ridiculous.

Go ahead and kill me.
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Response by poster: Drudge is largely the kind of place I am trying to avoid. Any other thoughts?
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The new digg.com is good.

Your link, tmn.org, goes to a spammy landing page.
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Maybe Arts & Letters Daily?
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Evening Edition gives you five stories every evening and comes in three flavors: French, British, and US.
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Maybe Byliner or Longform?
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Response by poster: a.mosquito - thanks.

I corrected the link: http://www.themorningnews.org/
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Response by poster: digg.org -- good as a magazine. I'm hoping for more daily news.

Arts and letters -- their long form is good, if a bit overwhelming in numbers. same with byliner.

longform -- more manageable than arts and letters, but still long form.

evening edition -- we may be onto something here...
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I hear you. I totally miss Slate's daily paper. The closest thing I have found is The Weekly Sift but it is just on Mondays and far more opinionated. I also like Mathowie's recommended email news source - The NextDraft.
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Oh, and also, I get the RSS feed for Foreign Policy's Morning Brief and I'm pretty sure they have a (week) daily email for that, though I get it through RSS. It gives you the top story of the day plus three stories in each of several different international regions, with links so you can explore further.
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It may not be precisely what you're looking for because it's more like an aggregator of aggregators and requires some setup, but I use Pulse more or less exclusively for reading the news.
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NextDraft by Dave Pell is an iOS app that is well curated. It started as an email newsletter, so you can use that if you don't use iOS.
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