Where can I find very low cut socks?
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I am having a lot of trouble finding super low cut socks - socks that are not visible when wearing low profile sneakers like Van's. Are there any websites or stores in Manhattan that carry them?
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Would these socks from Uniqlo work for you?
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I bought some at The Gap recently. Not the Gap in NY, but they all carry the same stuff.
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Just went through this too. On a recommendation, I bought six pairs of Mocc socks and have been very happy with them.
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Both Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers have these. Ask for "loafer socks." Cost about $15-$20 for a pack of 3.
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Uniqlo has both short and 'no-show' socks. Just bought a bunch. They don't seem to be on the website but they should be in the stores.
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Vans has a low cut option also.
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Yes! I buy converse chuck Taylor socks at DSW (the one at union square specifically). They are cut to not show above the low profile of chucks.
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Seconding converse socks.
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There are Calvin Klein ones that are even lower than the ones linked to. Most loafer socks are knit like normal thin casual socks, but these ones are kinda halfway to hose, and have rubber in the heel to prevent slipping. You can get them at Winners in Canada, which is DSW in the States I think.
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Also, look for boat shoe socks. Sold pretty much anywhere that boat shoes are sold.
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Urban outfitters has packs of 2 for $5 right now. Just saw them today in the men's sale section of the ou on 14 and 6th ave.
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I got some at the DSW by Union Square.
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After having heard a lot of good stuff about them, I just ordered 6 pairs from: http://www.ninjasox.com/

from their website: "Ninja Sox is the originator of the true no show sock. Our "Zero" Sox are specifically designed to cut below the shoe line so that the socks are completely invisible from the outside, offering the no socks look, while still providing the comfort and protection of wearing socks. Ninja Sox also features a unique silicone patch on the heel to help eliminate any chance of them slipping off your feet as you walk."
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