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You helped me get my crochet on. You helped me get my knit on. Now can you help me get my art on and find the best blogs of people just playing around with paints?

I'm exploring my artist side for the first time since a child and loving it. I would love to read interesting blogs about other people just playing with paints. If they also have an art therapy bent the better.

I'd love if they had a humorous folksy style blog. Not looking for professional artists. Not looking for in depth instructions of how to draw an egg shaped woman with huge eyes (which seems to be the norm in art therapy) or zentangles.

I'm not sure if these blogs exist but I found a lot of love for the knit and crochet blogs you've led me to and am hoping that you know some sites where people play with colour while also having an interesting life.
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Danny Gregory!
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that artist woman plays around with all types of art.
What's especially good about her blog is that she experiments with all types of media and techniques, is really creative about presentation and has a wide variety of projects.
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Urban Sketchers is wonderful. You'll find links to all their contributors within. I get lost for hours looking through it.
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Lynda Barry is absolutely a "professional artist" (or at least cartoonist) but I think she fits your other criteria perfectly. Recently she's been teaching "no artistic talent required" art classes at UW Madison, and her (and her students') aesthetic is very much just-playing-around with occasional forays into something like art therapy:

"I was especially interested in people who didn't draw or who didn't feel they could draw," Barry says. "I was blown away, especially by the people who had quit drawing around adolescence, what happened with their work when they started to draw again."

Her tumblr is a nice mix of her students' work, reblogs of work by other artists, and whatever music she's currently listening to (plus a little of her own work).
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