Help me find an eye serum that fits my needs
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Help me find an eye serum that fits my needs

I am looking for an antioxidant eye serum that:

1. Does not contain fragrance, essential oils, plant extracts of any kind
2. Does not contain niacinamide, retinol, or any kind of exfoliating acid (glycolic acid, etc)
2. Does contain antioxidants
3. Doesn't burn or irritate the skin
4. Can be used under a simple and hydrating moisturizer
5. Is not terribly expensive
6. Does not come in a clear bottle or tub (which will deteriorate the antioxidants)

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I recommend Paula's Choice serums.
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If you want anti-wrinkle benefits but you don't want to use anything with retinol, I would go with 100% hyaluronic acid serum. It shouldn't irritate because it is not an exfoliant and is not acid the way glycolic acid (an AHA) or lactic acid (a BHA) is. It prevents wrinkles by acting as a surface humectant. However, you would need to use it with a moisturizer (or facial mist) in dry conditions-- which you plan on doing anyway, which is good. Also it is safe around the eyes.

I really like Paula's Choice too-- and would recommend them as well-- but they don't seem suited to what you want. All seem to have some kind of plant extract, (sea whip, tumeric). The rest have retinol and HA. Thing is, when something says 'antioxidants' on it, they're usually meaning flavonoids which are from plants.

Pure HA on it's own is not an anti-oxidant, but lots of brands have antioxidant vitamin fortified versions like with Vitamin E + C and Vitamin C which may be more what you're looking for-- but I haven't tried either of these two brands so I can't personally vouch for them.
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I use Paula's Choice RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum instead of a moisturiser. I have super-sensitive skin and it's caused me no problems. I also like that it goes on slippery/wet (easy to apply) but dries in a way that feels moisturising but never oily. It's really nice stuff.

I think it meets most of your requirements. I cannot tell whether it contains plant extracts (on preview, if Dimes is right, it does), but the full ingredient list is on the website.

(Btw, there's nothing special about the skin under your eyes that requires a separate moisturiser. Eye serums are bunk. Better to find a good antioxident product and put it all over your face.)
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