I just want to look at pictures of other people's hair
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Seagull Salon in NYC has a tumblr on which they post photos of some (most? all?) of the clients who come through the salon to get their hair cut, dyed, or styled. This seems like such an obviously great idea - not only has it taught me about lots of new hair trends, it gives me a chance to see what these super creative styles look like on real people. If I were ever in the market for a NYC haircut, I'd feel confident going to Seagull. But for some reason, I've had trouble finding other blogs like this: my results are clogged by hair salon websites and individually run blogs full of tutorials and photos of celebrities and such. Do you know of any other salons that do this? They don't have to be the same genre of hairstyle as Seagull; I just want to look at lots of un-retouched photos of other people's haircuts.
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Carly Cuts My Hair is the personal site of one of the Seagull stylists. Some of the photos are repeated, but not all.
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Some salons do that on their Facebook pages too if you use that.
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Best answer: Wip-Hairport in Lisbon, Portugal, posts its cuts on Flickr.
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I second Wip Hairport- it is where I have found every single one of my haircuts for the past 5 years.
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Thirding that flickr feed I too get my hair inspiration there
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Best answer: Paprika Salon is in a similar style to Seagull, but not quite as good.

These aren't by salons, but there are a few tumblrs that have a decent normal person:model ratio-- Go Shorter, Inspirational Hair. Just searching tumblr tags for 'haircut' could be good too.
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This is interesting and I agree - I don't know why more places don't do that tumblr thing (although I know of one that did a polaroid wall for years and probably still does). I'm actually tempted to stop by and see if they'd like some freebie professional photos since they're just a couple doors down from where I worked for years. BUT - and I'm a little out of touch with these things - $160 bucks for a haircut? That's a bit on the insane side. Particularly when right around the corner, next to the PATH station you can get your hair cut for ten bucks. Best cuts I've ever had, although maybe my tastes differ from the average Seagull client.
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On reddit, I really love Fancy Follicles. A mix of stylists, folks, and photographers, so the variety is excellent.
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Response by poster: blaneyphoto - ha, I didn't even think about the prices, because the odds of me needing a NYC haircut are slim to none. I guess given the occasional celebrity face I see pop up on the tumblr, I shouldn't be surprised. But I've got the photo I need to take into my $35-with-an-Amazon-local-deal haircut on Monday, so that's all that really matters. Which I guess could be an disincentive for fancy places to create tumblrs like this and give away their trade secrets... although they certainly don't seem to be suffering.
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Best answer: My friend just got his hair cut at Mammoth Love, which keeps a blog. I'm enjoying the styles.
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