Sony Xperia J Not Reading Sim Card
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Hi all, my Sony Xperia J isn't reading sim cards. The sim card (3) that came with the phone works on other phones; the Xperia won't read other sim cards. What can I do to get this handset working? This is my work phone and I'm the breadwinner around here, so it's a bit urgent! Thanks. I've got two Win7 PCs to assist in fixing it.
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Response by poster: I have never flashed it or jailbroke it or anything, the phone hasn't been dropped, and the thing was working until yesterday.
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Is it carrier-locked? Are the other sim cards from the same carrier?
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Response by poster: It doesn't read a 3 and an o2 simcard and it is a 3 phone
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You should mention you're in the UK......
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Best answer: This is coming from my experience doing mobile phone support in Australia so some info may not apply.

Firstly, what actually happens when you put the sim in and turn the phone on? Also, can you put the sim in another phone and actually make a call? This will confirm the sim and account is ok.

The things I would try are;

1) try a new sim, you should be able to get one for free or very cheap at a 3 store. Even though the sim works in another phone the sim could be slightly faulty and the Experia could be not good at reading that particular sim. This is somewhat of a longshot, but it is easy enough to try if you have a store nearby.

2) Try restoring the phone to factory settings. There isn't really any reason why this should work, but it often does. Make sure to backup the phone to your pc first. Again a longshot, but easy enough and shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.

3) Call 3. I dont know if they will have similar levels of support to the company I worked for, but we had surprisingly good knowledge of general troubleshooting for phone software/hardware issues. You will probably have to spend an hour or so while they run through all their checklists and routines, but there is every chance they might know how to fix it, or know of recurring issues with that phone.

4) Get another phone, either a cheap dumb phone, or see if anyone has a spare lying about. I obviously can't say for certain, but this could be an actual hardware problem with the phone, as in it will need to be repaired, meaning you won't have the phone for some amount of time.
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Response by poster: Thank you lrobertjones, I did number 4. My dumb phone actually has good sound quality and batt life, so yay!
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