Sources for modern bow ties?
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Looking for hipster, modern and unisex bow ties. All fabrics will be considered, but especially woven fabrics, chambray, linen, or silk with a touch of texture. Bonus points for bow ties that are slim or have slightly trimmer proportions. Who are your favorite designers?
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Best answer: I apologize for not checking any of your examples but I had to tell you that we have our very own metafilter bow tie maker! Usonian has a link to the etsy store in the profile!

Here is the mefi shoppingmall in case you're curious :-)
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Best answer: Beau Ties has slim/diamond point styles!
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Best answer: Ben Silver - classics
J. Press - classics, but see the raw silk and madras ties
Pierrepont Hicks - more what you're looking for I think
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Best answer: I've gotten some smart linen ties from Mrs. Stager, now doing business at . The style catalog is basically here:
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Best answer: The Tie Bar has tons of great bowties (as long as your neck is 18.5 inches or smaller). They have good neckties, too.

I like Everyday Bow Ties (google them) too, but they might be too plain for your tastes.
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Best answer: Related to the tie bar, and for a good cause.
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Best answer: Hey, thank you travelwithcats! I do make bow ties, you can find my shop as mentioned above. (I just checked the FAQ and I think I'm OK to respond here, since it's pretty much 100% on-topic. But if anyone has a problem with it let me know or flag this or whatever.)

barnone, the slimmest "stock" style I have is 1.5 inches, but if you're looking for something skinnier, I can hook you up if any of the patterns in my shop catch your eye. Memail me or drop me a convo on Etsy. Most of my stuff is flat cotton, but I have some striped seersuckers that have nice texture, and a dupioni silk.
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Best answer: Skinny Vinny. The designer is a relation, but he really is quite good.
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Best answer: Cordial Churchman can do any tie in a variety of wideness/thinness styles.
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Best answer: Coloré Design, from Montreal, for African textiles.
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Best answer: Cyberoptix ties are quiet popular in my group for both apperance and workmanship.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I ordered a few from various sources and can't wait to see what they look like in person. This is an ongoing request though, so if you come across other ideas, please drop them in this thread!
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