Advice for moving from Melbourne to Cairns
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My family will be moving from Melbourne to Cairns in mid-January 2014. Looking for advice and recommendations! (specifics inside)

- Where to live in Cairns? We are two adults and two young kids, we'd like at least a 2 bedroom house with a fenced yard. I'll be working at JCU in Smithfield, we're looking in Smithfield and northern beaches ... any other places I should consider? Any areas to avoid?

- Household movers. We'll need to pack up a houseful of stuff and get it sent up, any recommendations for moving companies?

- Moving the car! We have a car that we'd like to take with us, but we definitely don't want to drive up. So, has anyone used a car moving company in Australia? Recommendations?

- Any other advice welcome! (Assume we're aware that the weather will likely be shithouse at that time of year...)
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My Sister is in Freshwater, very happy there.
Absolutely avoid the 3 suburbs starting with M : Manunda , Manoora and Mooroobool, due to a fairly severe crime problem.
Most everywhere is airconditioned so the climate doesn't matter so much.
You can put your car on the train .
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