What happened to this lake?
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Browsing google maps here, there's a lovely blue lake in the middle of the desert. If you look at the satellite/earth view, the lake disappears, replaced by more desert and an industrial facility.

What happened to the lake? Is it a Aral Sea kind of thing with irrigation projects diverting rivers? What's the blue facility in the middle of where the lake used to be?
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Lop Nur -- former salt lake + potassium chloride factory, according to Wikipedia.
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That, and the map view shows the nominal extent of the full lake (as is usual with maps), while the satellite/earth view shows the state when the image was taken.

You'll see exactly the same thing with most ephemeral watercourses & lakes (e.g. Lake Eyre)
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Yes, the setting and so on reminds me a lot of Sevier Lake. More info. Every map shows Sevier Lake as a large, pleasant looking lake, but I don't think I've ever seen a satellite image with any water. Though I'm sure there are times when it has some water or is even filled--it might be seasonal, or only during the wet season after several wet years, etc. Irrigation and upstream reservoirs seems to affect it a lot. But even in wet, full years it's more likely shallow and brackish than the large, blue, pleasant lake the map image conjures up.
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Yes. Ephemeral lake. You would be absolutely surprised at how blue and lovely a shallow body of water can be on certain days. Absolutely reflective blue mirror. Happens here frequently, and standing high on a hill looking out makes a four inch deep alkali pan full of water look like an oasis. It can be gone the next morning.
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