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I am looking for the names of networking/exclusive clubs for executives.

To further explain. There are social/business clubs where executives hang out and network. These could be the high end athletic clubs or plain ole executive clubs. Looking to compile a list -doesn't matter which State in the US but mostly in the West would be great. Thx
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Bohemian Club, Pacific-Union Club, Olympic Club.
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York Club, Rainier Club.
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Duquesne Club - Pittsburgh, PA.
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DC: The Cosmos Club

SF, for women: The Metropolitan Club
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DC: The Alibi Club and The Metropolitan Club
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A good summary of the NYC scene:

Also the NY athletic club (very nice) and the downtown association (not as prestigious).
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Link fail, it looks like? Cut and paste above. Sorry.
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In Portland, Oregon, there's the Multnomah Athletic Club, or as the people who go there like to call it (redundantly), the MAC Club.
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Yes, Seattle has the Washington Athletic Club -- the WAC.
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In Denver it's The University Club, or "The U-Club."
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Chicago: The Chicago Club, The Union League of Chicago, and the University Club of Chicago, among others.
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