Rice Boy, the Comic and the Album
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Is there a connection between the comic/graphic novel Rice Boy by Evan Dahm and the album Riceboy Sleeps by Jónsi and Alex?

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from the press release link on wikipedia:

"now, however, the full-length ‘riceboy sleeps’ album (the name having migrated from artist moniker to album title)"

And from somewhere else that I couldn't source:

"Jón (aka Jónsi) and partner Alex Somers have exhibited artwork under the Riceboy Sleeps moniker for a few years"

So it seems like a coincidence?
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If you ask him he'll probably say yes or no. I'd do it via twitter - @evndahm.

I've never seen him say anything about it, but then again he never really says much about Where His Comics Come From.
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IIRC, the email sent to subscribers when the album was announced said that "Riceboy" was Jonsi's nickname for Alex. Apparently Alex likes rice.
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