Hummingbird Feeder Foiled
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Hummingbird Feeder Filter: Yellowjackets are on my hummingbird feeder and now the hummingbirds are staying away. What can I do?

It was working great and I had tons of hummingbirds until a few days ago. I mixed up some new syrup hoping the hummingbirds would come back, but I only have big black, furry bees. I am at a total loss. Please help.
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There's a whole bunch of suggestions at World of Hummingbirds on how to get rid of bees and wasps.
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We have our hummingbird feeder on our deck, which also houses a yellowjacket nest. But the bees stay away because I have a bunch of flowering basil and some other flowers right next to it. Maybe offer something more bee appropriate to the bees?
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We have dish feeders, which are pretty much wasp-proof, and bottle feeders with wasp guards, which don't entirely deter wasps but make a difference. (We also have ant moats, as ants are a more persistent problem.)

Move your feeder. The hummingbirds will find it. In fact, you'll probably end up with one guarding it.
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I have loads of wasps in my yard but I never see them on my feeders only on flowers. I think PhoBWanKenobi may be on to something. Also, big black fuzzy bees are likely to be Carpenter Bees which are both delightful and harmless. Maybe just add a second feeder for the birds and leave one for the bees as well.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all your help. I am definitely going to try all the suggestions and hope to find the right combo.
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Some species of hummingbirds migrate. Where are you located? If you're further north, your hummingbirds may have started traveling already.
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