Can you identify this tiny sessile tide pool critter from Maine?
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Last week the kids and I explored lots of tide pools in Maine and found all sorts of interesting things. But there were some organisms firmly attached to the underside of rocks that I am unable to identify. They looked like clear discs of tough jelly, with a star-like pattern inside, and were all about a half a centimeter in diameter. Here's a photo that you can zoom in on to see them - they are near the bottom edge of the rock in the pic - zoomit link. (Also - is that a mass of eggs next to one of them as well?)
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Any way you can put it somewhere that doesn't require installation of silverlight?
posted by miss tea at 6:36 AM on August 7, 2013

The link is working OK without Silverlight here. I'm using Firefox 17, if that's helpful to you?
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Here's a link to the flickr page of the image: - hope that helps.
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Could it be related to Botryllus Schlosseri? Those look pretty globular and star-like. And says that is an invasive tunicate.
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Interesting. It resembles a sand dollar but the clear carapace and inconsistent number of "arms" (sand dollars have five) denies that. donut_princess may have pinned it.
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Looks like donut_princess has it: star sea squirt, aka golden star tunicate:;
And those are quite possibly its "tadpole-like" eggs.
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I just came in to say: dude, these are so cool!
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