How to batch embed album artwork on a Mac
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Can you recommend software to use to embed album cover artwork into mp3s on a Mac?

I am ridiculously fussy about my music library and I really want to embed cover artwork I have preselected into my mp3s. Itunes 11.0.4 does a poor job of allowing this. If you select multiple tracks and apply album artwork to all of them, itunes converts your jpg to a png and the file size blows up. Alternatively, you can add album artwork to one track at a time, but that's a tedious process.

So I just want a simple little app I can use to manage and embed cover art into mp3s on a Mac running Mountain Lion. I've tried Media Rage, but for whatever wonky reason, it refuses to work properly on my Macbook Air. I feel like I should be having an easier time googling this, but I mostly end up with itunes complaints and I would really value a personal recommendation.

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Best answer: I like Coverscout.
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Response by poster: I'm trying Coverscout out now. Beautiful interface. Thanks for the recommendation, goshling!
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