Help me identify this art/chair?
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I bought an interesting small chair at a local thrift store. Here's a picture of the front.

It's signed and numbered as an artwork under the seat. Which seems to say: "autre phenix" "51/250" "Sala 83"

Here's the chair from the back.

It seems to be made of wood or fiberboard, covered by plastic laminate (like Formica[tm]). It's quite heavy. It's a single chair size.

Any information on this chair?
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Best answer: This might help.
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Best answer: And this.
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Best answer: To quote a famous thrift store authority, "this is f'n awesome". A 1983 Piranha chair, one of the three in Pierre Sala's limited edition trio, is for sale at 1stdibs for $3200. Find a reputable appraiser and report back!
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