Articles/videos/podcasts about truth, research, or information?
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Restructuring my college course on information literacy to make it more interesting and relevant to students. I'm looking for really interesting resources related to topics in information: intellectual freedom, authority as a social construct, issues with bias and objectivity, information as a commodity, metadata, primary source research, research as the quest for truth, remix culture/creative commons, etc.

I'm a librarian who teaches. I'm trying to get away from a "library skills" course and get at the real core nuggets of the world of information--what makes my field interesting and worth learning about. Non-academic, creative, entertaining sources greatly encouraged. This recent bit on Radiolab is a great example of what I'm looking for.
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Morris is a great starting point. In fact, you could probably devote your whole course to his works. Have you seen The Thin Blue Line?
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